Advertising Opportunities

BX Member Perks

Body Xchange, voted the #1 Health Club in Bakersfield currently has 7 locations in Bakersfield with thousands of members that spend money every day. Wouldn’t your business like the chance to grow its revenue in today’s challenging times? Body Xchange can help with our BX Member Perks program.

We realize that our members have busy lives and sometimes can’t make it to the gym, so we have created a program that will also benefit our members outside of our gyms. By shopping with local merchants that are part of BX Member Perks, our members realize valuable savings by simply showing their BX membership card when they make a purchase at your store.

BX Member Perks is a special way of thanking our members for their business while helping our local merchants grow theirs. It is free of charge to local merchants to participate and all Body Xchange members have use of this great service right away. They do not have to redeem points or anything like that. All they have to do is be a BX member and choose your store to shop at. All you have to do is agree to provide a discount that you would not normally provide to any BX member that shows their BX membership card. We will list your store as a preferred BX Merchant on our website free of charge with your location(s) and the special discount. It’s as simple as that.

If you would like more information or want to sign up, please email us at

Club Signage

Our clubs typically do about 5000-6000 workouts per day. Would you like your company’s name and message to be seen by all of our members? Would you like the opportunity to display your services?

Body Xchange has a variety of sign programs that are available to you. If you would like more information please email us at