Attention Members:

I want to take a moment to extend my heartfelt “thank you” for your patience during these last few months of the clubs being closed. It’s been tough financially (and every other way) in this unprecedented event, but BX has always been a company that saves its money so there was never any doubt we would re-open and be here to serve you again. Thank you once again for your loyalty, patience, and support.

As we opened very smoothly Monday and everything seems to be in great working order, the next order of business is to start billing again with the least amount of confusion for everyone. With that said, this is the plan to make it as easy and straightforward as we can.

1) All members billing dates for monthly billing will stay the same. If your billing was on the 10th for example, it will stay on the 10th.

2) Billing has started as of the day we opened June 8th. But, the first day that ANY money will come out of any members account will be on or around June 17th 2020 to give everyone about 10 days notice.

For example:
Original bill date 8th-17th, you will be billed on or around June 17th. July will go back to normal billing date.

Original bill date 18th-31st, you will be billed on or around your normal date in June.

Original bill date 1st-7th, you will be billed on or around your normal date in July.

3) Yearly Annual Fees that were not billed and/or collected from March 2020 through June 2020 due to accounts being frozen will be billed on or around July 6th 2020. That means that if you DID NOT pay your annual fee in March, April, May, or June because accounts were frozen, you will be billed on or around July 6th for your annual fee. The annual fee is in addition to your normal monthly dues for clarification. If your normal Annual Fee is due on July 6th, that date will remain the same. March-June Annual Fee billing dates will revert to the original months for 2021.

4) Billing for PT or Small Group/XGT is still frozen until further notice.

If you have any questions about your billing, please feel free to email us at info@bxfitness.com ONLY.

Once again, we are so happy to be back open and seeing you all in the gym. We’ve had some great comments made on social media on how comfortable everyone is so keep them coming. It’s definitely appreciated and we thank you. We need all the help we can get because these last 3 months have been financially tough and we really appreciate your support!

In closing, please be patient and supportive with everything that is happening in the gym. It’s not going to be perfect and we will probably mess up here and there but we are trying our best and we will get it right for you. All this is new to all of us.

John Ovanessian

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