7/26/2020 Facemask Mandate

Attention ALL Member:
We are fighting hard to stay open for you and our company because we feel 100% ALL gyms ARE essential and to give you a sense of normalcy, structure and to relieve some stress in our otherwise hectic life right now. WE NEED this!
With that said, YOU have to do YOUR part 100% (now more than ever) to support us and to set a good example we can ALL be proud of. NO EXCUSES.
Make sure you are following all the rules to keep everyone safe….especially the facemask rule. YOU MUST USE A FACEMASK THAT COVERS YOUR NOSE & MOUTH AT ALL TIMES EXCEPT FOR DRINKING WATER. NO EXCUSES and don’t try to be slick. You will be asked to leave! If you cant do this simple request….DO NOT come to the gym period!.
We are all in this together til the end.

We love you and thank you for your continued support!

John O

6/19/2020 Facemask Mandate

Due to the recent state mandate regarding facemasks, members must wear a facemask at all times EXCEPT while exercising. That means walking to the gym from your car, waiting in line, walking around inside the gym, and when leaving the gym. Masks are highly recommended while you workout, but NOT mandatory at this time. This is subject to change per state guidelines.

We will adjust accordingly to comply.

Please adhere to 6’ social distancing at ALL times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check our Facebook page as well as our website bxfitness.com for any updates Thank you,

BX Management


We have been open for almost 5 days and we feel comfortable at this time to ease/modify some of the restrictions we started with. Please keep in mind we will move forward with the below modifications BUT reserve the right to change them again if we feel it is necessary.

The below modifications will start Monday morning.

1) All clubs will be open normal hours 7 days a week. Please refer to individual club hours on our website.
2) NO appointments are needed but we will monitor capacity and restrict if needed. We cannot exceed our “new” current capacity guidelines.
3) Workout sessions start every 2 hours starting at opening.
4) Length of workouts will be 1 hour 45 minutes.
5) We will clear out the club and tidy up for 15 minutes and let the next group in.
6) Tanning is NOW available to use.
7) Guest Privileges for members that have this service on their membership will start Monday. Guest Passes are still NOT accepted.

In closing for now, thank you very much for helping clean the club, doing YOUR part and being patient during this difficult process. We really appreciate it.

Please DO NOT forget to keep that critical 6’ spacing at all times. It is very important for all of us.

If you have any questions, please email info@bxfitness.com

John O



1) Club Hours to begin with (8a-9p M-F, 8a-5p Sat-Sun). Normal hours start 6/15/20

2) Limited amount of members in the club at one time.

3) We highly recommend you make an appt so you are guaranteed your time slot but you do not have to make an appt. If you don’t make an appt, you may not be able to work out if the club is full. But, presently we have plenty of space at all hours and all clubs.

4) Workout sessions will be for 1 hr 15 minutes! Appointment times are 8am, 9:30a, 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm, 6:30pm and 8pm. We will clear out the club and let the next group in who will wait outside spaced appropriately.

5) You can call in to make an appt or book your “next” appt while in the club. You will NOT be able to book multiple appts. Appts can only be booked for the next calendar day or the day of. You may NOT make 2 appts at different clubs for the same day. 1 workout per day at this time. Please be honest.

6) There will be a dedicated time for seniors (55 and up). This dedicated time will be at 11am. Seniors may come any time they want but 11am is dedicated for seniors. We can modify this if we do not have many seniors at this time slot.

7) Everyone must sign updated liability release upon entry at your first workout. You can do this online.

8) All members will have their temperature taken with NON Contact forehead thermometers and be required to hand sanitize before entry. We will not allow entry with a temp of 100 or more.

9) Facemasks for members will be highly recommended! Please think of others! This is to keep everyone safe JUST IN CASE.

10) All members must come dressed to work out. You may NOT change in the gym at this time.

11) NO Gym Bags are allowed in the gym under any circumstances. DO NOT bring them.

12) All members MUST have a workout towel! If you don’t have a towel, you will NOT be allowed in. Those that have towel services on their membership will have a towel provided. You may also bring your own.

13) All entry for members is “No Touch”. You will scan in ONLY. You MUST have your bar code.

14) 6’ “Social Distance” at ALL times. There will be NO spotters allowed in freeweight area. This includes family members or significant others. Don’t ask, we CAN NOT keep track. If you can’t safely lift what you put on the bar, DON’T try to!

15) Staff will be monitoring “social distancing” strictly. Any member not respecting our guidelines will be asked to leave. Please DO NOT make this more difficult than it is.

16) ALWAYS sanitize equipment BEFORE & AFTER use!

17) Extra cleaning stations/spray bottles/paper towels are in a centralized area in the gym.

18) Wash hands after using equipment. There is plenty of hot water and soap.

19) No guests will be allowed….members only.

20) Kid Care, Basketball courts, Aerobic classes, Personal Training & XGT will be closed for the time being. We will add these amenities as soon as we can.

21) Locker Rooms and Showers will also be closed. Bathrooms and sinks are open.

22) Please observe “DO NOT USE” signs on CARDIO, & STAY OFF equipment with caution tape on it! This is mandatory to help with the 6’ spacing!

23) BX reserves the right to change or add to these rules at any time without notice.

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