Adult Small Group

adult_agilitySemi-private training session that will have you doing things you never thought you could!

We took some of the exciting and challenging ways we train our young athletes and turned it into an adult semi-private training session that will have you doing things you never thought you could. Utilizing everything from free weights to medicine balls and suspension trainers, this class is suited for the first timer and advanced client. Each 55 minute session may focus on pushing, pulling, upper body, lower body, core, aerobic cardio, anaerobic cardio, full body strength, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), timed circuits, power, recovery or any combination.

Is this just like a group fitness class?

Absolutely not! Our group classes like spin, yoga, bosu, etc. typically have one instructor and 10-40 participants. The instructor is up front participating in the class and often on a microphone giving directions to everyone.

adultboxjumpOur Semi-Private Training is much closer to one-on-one personal training. Our highly qualified trainer works to correct form and help regress and progress any exercises you may find too difficult or too easy. The trainer is hands-on with everyone, demonstrating technique, spotting members, and answering questions.

We also will offer a complimentary “Ground Zero” orientation with our fitness manager where we will take measurements, set goals, and address your nutritional habits. Each month you can schedule a check-in appointment with any trainer to re-measure, re-assess your goals, and review your nutrition.

When are the workouts?

We offer morning and evening sessions 6 days a week. Click HERE for our current schedule.

What are the workouts like?

Every training session you attend will vary with different targeted movements, body parts, equipment used, and workout rationale. The workouts commonly use high intensity interval training (hiit) timers, circuit timers, and repetition-based stations.

Everything you see on the gym floor and more is used including: free weights, dumbbells, bumper plates, suspension trainers, medicine balls, ropes, boxes, resistance bands, and more!

How many are there in the group?

We typically will have anywhere from 4-10 per session depending on the class time and day. We do not allow more than 16 per session. We make these sessions large enough to be fun and encouraging, but small enough to provide you with a quality workout and plenty of individual attention from our trainer.

How long do they last?

We designate 55 minutes for each workout. Depending on the goal for the day, the workout will last anywhere from 45-55 minutes. This includes a full dynamic warm-up, the main workout, and cool down stretching.

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