Success Stories

Member Cari Rosbrugh

I joined Body Xchange in Jan 2009 knowing I needed a personal trainer. After all, I had a membership at another gym for the past 15 years and was still a 41 year old woman over 200 lbs with plantar fasciitis and on medication for high cholesterol. I had tried many diets but I knew I needed accountability to be successful. Travis Kiner at the Brimhall/Calloway Fitness Spa stepped in and gave me much needed motivation Travis is very positive, encouraging, and full of energy. He varies the workouts and it’s not just about exercise; he also cares about my diet and lifestyle outside the gym. I have now lost over 55lbs and 12% body fat. I no longer suffer with the pain of plantar fasciitis and I am off my cholesterol medication. I am stronger than I have ever been and I thank Travis for giving my life back.

Member Linda Turner

I joined the Southwest Body Xchange Fitness in May of 2008 and while I enjoyed going to the gym and loosing weight I would watch the personal trainers especially Lynette Este. I saw how Lynette interacted with her clients so in Feb of 2009 I decided to ask her to help me too and we set a schedule of two times per week. Lynette is upbeat, works me out hard while encouraging me the whole time. In July 2009 I told Lynette I was getting married and wanted to wear a dress I hadn’t worn in 20 years. We decided that 3 times a week would be needed to reach my new goals. There were times I thought I would not be able to do a certain exercise but with Lynette’s guidance and confidence in me I not only executed the exercises but I also reached my goal of fitting into my dress. With a lot of hard work and Lynette’s help, I have lost 150 lbs in the last 18 months and I just feel great.

Member David Fox

When I joined Body Xchange I had 1 goal in mind and that was to be in the best shape possible before going off to college in 3 months. Since I am a naturally thin guy (127 lbs & 18% body fat), I wanted to put on muscle and gain strength so I enlisted the help of Keith Silvas who is a certified personal trainer at the Body Xchange on Rosedale and Calloway. I have since doubled my strength, increased my endurance and improved my posture tremendously. By the end of the 3 months I also increased my knowledge of proper workout form and knew many new workouts. I have gained 10 lbs of solid mass and dropped my body fat to 13% thanks to Keith.

Member Donald Ray Harris

I started at Body Xchange with a recent knee replacement and using medication for my diabetes. In the last few months working with Mitch Monsen at the Southwest Sports Club, my knee is much stronger and my doctor has decreased my diabetes medication because my glucose levels are within a normal range. I feel so much better and my energy level is much improved thanks to Mitch.

Member Heather Schulze

My journey started out with a goal of losing 40lbs in time for my next birthday which was 10 months away. I changed my diet, hired a trainer and 6 months later did not even lose 1 lb. I decided I needed a complete change so I enrolled at Body Xchange this time and met Brie. After going over needed assessments and talking to her I decided I’d give personal training another chance. After the 1st month of training with Brie I lost 15 lbs and 5% body fat. With intense core and resistance training and suggestions on improving my eating “habits”, I knew I would meet my goals. Brie taught me how to calculate the correct amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates my body needed to help me lose 40lbs. With progressive workouts, motivation, and good times, I reached my goal within the remaining 4 months before my birthday. I now have 10% less body fat and look and feel better than I ever expected after failing during the first 6 months of my journey.Thanks Brie

BX Team Member

I moved to Bakersfield in August of 2007 and I put my workouts on hold for many months. A new job and new surroundings seemed to be my excuse to not make time to workout. In January of 2008 I weighed more that I ever have in my life and I decided it was time to do something about it. I thought it was something I could do on my own, after all I’ve grown up in the gym, I should know what I’m doing right? Wrong! I gave that a try for a few months and I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After listening and watching different trainers I decided to begin training with Dave Haught. He was very knowledgeable in what he was doing but more importantly he cared about each client he trained. I could see that he wanted each and every one of them to get results and he made them see that they could do it. Without Dave’s motivation and dedication to me as his client I never would have accomplished what I did. After training with Dave for 5 months I lost 36 lbs and dropped 4 pant sizes!! I have been able to keep all the weight off for a year and I continue to train with Dave weekly in order to firm, tone and maintain the weight lose that we have achieved. Thank you Dave!!!!

Member Kim Warren

I did it! I reached my goal! I want you to know that you can reach your health and fitness goals also! Joining Body Exchange made the difference for me. The equipment and encouraging, knowledgeable staff were the keys to my success! When I joined the Body Exchange gym, I was forty five, I had been over weight most of my life, and I was frustrated. I had never been athletic and did not know how to use the gym equipment. My trainer, Dave Haught, has taught me not only how to use the gym equipment, he has also shared a wealth of information about exercise and nutrition with me. It took me one year to reach my goal. I did it! I am thirty pounds lighter, and I feel great about the commitment I have made to become fit. I am sharing my experience with you in hope that it will encourage you to make a commitment to better health also!

You can reach your goal! Thanks Body Exchange!

Sincerely, Kim Warren