Corporate Wellness

Facts and Studies

Corporate health and wellness programs are much more than just a way of showing appreciation for employees. They may actually boost your bottom line-even in a down economy. As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, more and more companies are giving their employees ways to prevent illness and reduce health risks through wellness programs. In the long run, these employees save money for their company by avoiding costly health insurance claims.

Body Xchange corporate fitness programs are designed to maximize positive results for employees and employers alike. Employees get a valuable addition to their benefits package giving them another reason to stay with your organization, while employers find that the reduction in absenteeism and increase in productivity offsets the cost of running a corporate wellness program. With conveniently located Body Xchange locations, you’ll be assured that your employees will have a club close to both work and home.

What’s in it for Employees?

Your associates who take advantage of your Body Xchange corporate program will generally feel better and have more energy while being more productive than others who do not exercise. They also will enjoy added benefits of our Corporate Wellness programs, including discounted monthly dues, year-round open enrollments, and month to month memberships. Corporate Wellness is the ideal addition to your existing health benefits package for every employee.

What’s in it for Employers?

Most companies are increasingly adopting corporate wellness programs. Studies show that companies that have adopted these programs are way ahead in the benefits they provide to their employees and companies overall health.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower employee health care costs
  • Reduced turnover in staffing
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and energy
  • Improved morale

Body Xchange can seamlessly provide all of your Corporate Wellness needs at your place of business. We can provide the following services:

  • Discounted memberships for your employees regardless of company size
  • Employee usage tracking at club
  • On site seminars with our team of fitness professionals
  • On site enrollment and promotional material for initial roll out
  • Participation in employee health fairs
  • Facility design, layout, and consultation (when you choose to build your own company fitness center)

We will also provide your company with a link on our website where you can provide a discount to all BX Members who frequent your place of business thus increasing your company revenue if you provide retail services. Just visit our BX Member Perks section to see what this is all about and then go to Merchant Opportunities to get your company started.

It is a proven fact that wellness programs pay for themselves. If you would like further information or you want to get your business or organization started as a BX Corporate Wellness partner contact Jeremy Armstrong at