What is XGT?

XGT is for the first time exerciser, the on and off exerciser, and the highly experienced. It’s a blend of cardio and strength training that uses technology to create a strong and supportive fitness community! There is nothing even close to this in Bakersfield, which is why we are so excited!

  • Members are placed into small groups of 2-4 within a larger training group yet still get personalized attention to maximize results and retention
  • Every workout can be modified so that everyone can workout together
  • The workouts change every single day
How is XGT different than Group Exercise Classes / BootCamp / Cross-Fit?

XGT is different because XGT is a complete Training Method and Program not just workouts or classes.  Think of it like personal training within a group.  XGT offers clearly defined and professionally crafted programming and integrated technology (heart rate monitoring systems) that strategically progresses the XGT member to a specific fitness destination by incorporating a variety of exercises, formats, and phases.  The programming is fluid not static and integrates a number of multidisciplinary approaches with technology acting as the tour guide or GPS system providing immediate and real-time feedback while ensuring the XGTer is approaching and executing the movements and exercises correctly each time.  Bottom line… classes and some workouts may provide a sweat and a pump but true programming provides an experience and a destination.

How is XGT different than Personal Training?

XGT is Group Personal Training with Personal Training elements. Personal Training sessions are included with your XGT Program. 1 on 1 personal training is more customized for the individual needs. When you put XGT and 1 on 1 together they compliment each other and create a great opportunity for you. During XGT Workout Sessions you will approach the workouts specific to the phase of the program you are in. On days when you work with the Trainer/Coach 1 on 1, your Trainer/Coach can slow down and really focus on things specific to you. You get the best of both worlds…Not to mention its FAR more affordable than 1 on 1 alone!

Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor?

YES! The heart rate monitors are how the coaches guide you through your sessions. They can tell you to push harder or slow down based on which phase you are in. If you don’t approach the workout correctly you won’t maximize your results. It also shows how many calories you burn and intensity points through the workout sessions. This number gives us half of the equation to be able to help with your nutrition. Lastly, it is how you can participate in the challenges and gamification.

Can anyone do XGT?

When you look at an XGT Workout Session from the outside you may find yourself thinking, “I don’t think I can do that.”  Actually, it’s one of the few programs out there that actually have a PLAN for you and is proven it’s for everyone.  Other fitness options will say they are for everyone, but people quickly find out there isn’t structure in place to support their claim.  In XGT EVERYONE starts in Learn.  This is where you learn the movements, the formats, meet members, and have fun. You’ll notice members in our learn phase by them slowing down and getting used to things. They don’t try to keep up with everyone. 2 – 6 weeks later (depending on your experience and goals) you’ll be moved to our other phases.  No matter your age, past history, experience, or limiting injuries, XGT has a plan for you!

How do the phases work?

Learn – Since everyone who beings XGT is new to the program (but maybe not new to exercise) we have them start in Learn. This phase will last 2 – 6 weeks depending on the member’s needs. In this phase you will learn the technique of the movements, learn the workout formats (there’s a lot of variety), meet fellow XGTers, and have fun. Initially your 1 on 1 time will also be used to help you progress within Learn.

Burn – the member focuses on lighter weight, quick transitions between exercises, and pushing higher heart rate. The goal is max calorie burn.

Build – the member will slow down and focus on adding weight (that you can control and feel comfortable with) and lower reps. The goal here is to focus on building strength, power, and muscle tone.

Active – is where a member will go in between the burn and build phase for 2 – 4 weeks. This phase focuses on maintenance of the results you’ve earned. The goal is to keep your consistency with exercise while adding recreational hobbies. (rec league, hiking, or community events).

The coaches will help you move through the phases.  Each month after you get your measurements you’ll be instructed on what your next phase is, how long you’ll be in it, and how to approach the workout based on the phase.  It’s important that you don’t stay in 1 phase too long or you’ll plateau.

What is the XGT App?

The XGT app is where you can see the class schedules, review the past 30 days of workout stats, and see our nationwide daily leader board.The leader board resets daily and is based off of intensity points. Intensity points (or INT on the top right part of your heart rate tile on the screen) is calculated by how long you are in one of the five heart rate zones. Basically, the more effort you give the higher you’ll place. The leader board does’t care how “in shape you are” or “who’s the best at exercise”. It’s literally 100% based off of who gives the most effort.

How do I track my progress?
There’s a couple ways to do this. After each workout you are automatically emailed a workout summary. You will see how many calories you burned, average heart rate, and total intensity points earned. The app also has a place called “Workout Stats” that you and your coaches can use as a tool to make sure you’re on track with your workouts. It’ll show the summary of the workouts from the past 30 days all in one spot. That’s right…it’ll tell on you if you don’t show up! The coaches will use this data (along with other data points) to help gauge your results and decide which is the next phase you’ll need to be in based on your goals. It’s just one of the ways that we leverage technology to validate and prove your results!